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Kingston & Knight Audit are the leading Brisbane and Melbourne based auditors and assurance experts. Kingston & Knight Audit conducts all assurance services and audit engagements in strict accordance with the standards, ensuring ownership, management, and other stakeholders can trust our findings when making important decisions.

Financial information and assertions that are independently tested and verified by an approved external auditor is the key to increasing the value of your business, and the confidence of its stakeholders in the ability to respond to key operational and environmental risks. Without access to financial information that is free of material misstatements or omitted details, the decision-making process is hindered for management and investors alike. To take your business, organisation, or enterprise to the next level, or simply to preserve the integrity of your financial position, reliable auditing services from experienced Melbourne auditors are a must.

We deliver risk-based assessments of your financial position, focusing on areas of concern or particular importance to the client. As an assurance measure, our audit services enable investors, management, and key stakeholders to make important decisions backed by a high degree of certainty. We remind our clients that seeking assistance from our Melbourne auditors is the absolute best step you can take toward assurance; especially if you have any doubt with regard to the information contained in your financial statements or reports.

Our Melbourne Auditors Provide:

  • Regulatory and compliance audit services
  • SMSF audit services
  • Internal audit services – risk review, management audit etc.
  • Tailored audit and assurance services
  • Audit of financial statements – financial reports audit
  • Investigative audit services, forensic audit services and litigation support
  • Trust audit services

Kingston & Knight Audit – Our Services

Compliance auditors Melbourne

Whether you are subject to mandatory reporting requirements or not, it is likely that your compliance with laws and regulations is affected by your financial reporting procedures. Our Melbourne auditors can review your financial position and determine your reporting requirements, if you are unsure as to what these are. If you understand your reporting requirements, your compliance audit services enable you to meet these requirements without interfering with your core operations or objectives.

By having Kingston & Knight Audit conduct your compliance audit, you are guaranteed that the decades of collective experience we have accrued in financial services will enable us to identify the exact nature of your financial position quickly and efficiently. Moreover, there is no need to worry about your financial information being juggled around by large corporate auditing agencies. When you engage our Melbourne auditors, you know exactly who you are working with right from the beginning of the audit process.

Our Melbourne auditors and assurance practitioners

If you prefer the attention to detail, close professional rapport, and getting to know the professionals working to assure your financial information, Kingston & Knight Audit offers the kind of service that only a smaller firm can provide.

Unlike our larger partners in the financial services industry, we have built our practice upon decades of collective experience in client-oriented financial services.

Internal audit, risk review and risk management services

Kingston & Knight Audit offers internal audit services that improve the value and sustainability of your organisation or entity.

Our Melbourne auditors strive to evaluate governance, control, and risk management practices using a disciplined and systematic approach to internal auditing. Whatever the nature of your organisation and its operations, you will benefit from the independent and objective financial advice provided by our Melbourne auditors. This being said, internal audit services differ in scope and procedure depending on the circumstances and requirement of each individual client.

You may have a particular concern regarding an aspect of your organisation or its operations, for example, it’s compliance with financial reporting obligations and accepted risk-management processes. The internal audit process delivered by Kingston & Knight Audit is tailored to the needs and position of each client. This enables you to be sure that your most important concerns are addressed in accordance with your vision and goals.

SMSF auditors Melbourne

There are many ways in which Kingston & Knight Audit SMSF audit services can improve your superannuation outcomes, thanks to the experience and attention to detail that characterise the work of our Melbourne auditors.

In addition to the requirement that all SMSFs be audited by an ASIC-approved SMSF auditor on a yearly basis, we aim to assist you in gaining control over your superannuation and obtaining the best performance for your self-managed super fund.

Kingston & Knight Audit can achieve this in a number a ways. First of all, by ensuring compliance with regulatory audit requirements, your self-managed super fund is not going to be subject to penalties. However, your SMSF audit need not merely serve to check the boxes as required by regulators. Your SMSF audit can be conducted in a manner similar to an internal audit of an organisation’s financial information.

Our Melbourne Auditors are able to identify strengths and weaknesses in the composition of your self-managed fund, so that we can offer targeted advice to help you improve your superannuation yield.

Trust account auditors Melbourne

Similarly to our SMSF audit services, our trust account audit services are about more than just ensuring compliance.

When you engage our Melbourne auditors, you will see that the requirement for yearly audits is more than just a regulatory measure, it can serve as a real opportunity to improve the functional capability of your trust account in-line with its intended use or function.

By carrying out a disciplined and rigorous audit, we highlight the strengths of your trust account whilst identifying areas that require improvement to ensure it serves its purpose. After all, the purpose of most trust accounts is to ensure that funds remain secure whilst the investor bides there time, or the benefactor’s recipients reach the nominated life stage. By engaging Kingston & Knight Melbourne auditors, you can be sure that your trust account is safe and secure.

Financial Reports Auditors Melbourne

For Australian listed companies, the requirement to undertake a yearly audit and review of financial statements need not be a burden. Take advantage of this by engaging the Melbourne auditors at Kingston & Knight Audit, and make the process work for you instead of against you.

Our financial statement audit and review services enable company management to be sure that their internal financial management systems are functioning correctly. Moreover, we assist you in identifying areas of improvement in terms of your company’s structure, governance, and control processes.

Investigative auditing and litigation support – Forensic auditors Melbourne

Are you considering legal action or litigation but don’t have access to suitable financial evidence upon which to base your claim? Are you engaged in litigation, and need to obtain evidence to assist with your defence? Kingston & Knight Audit offers a highly-specialised and comprehensive solution with our forensic and investigative audit services.

Our Melbourne auditors can assist you in building a case, or defending one, by applying our extensive knowledge and experience in financial auditing to the compilation of evidence that may be presented during litigation. Enable us to put your mind at ease and apply our objective, disciplined audit procedure to your matter that is destined for or involved in litigation.

Cryptocurrency Audit Services

With over 13,000 cryptocurrencies across 400+ Exchanges and a cryptocurrency market cap of over $2.5 Trillion dollars, we can propose a complete service offering to your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) if you are investing in Cryptocurrencies, using our audit experts and our leading-edge tools developed for all stages of an audit engagement. 

Trustees of a SMSF must appoint an Auditor for their SMSF no later than 45 days before the annual return is due to be lodged and provide the Auditor with all relevant documentation to conduct and finalise the audit.

Kingston Knight Audit
Kingston Knight Audit

If more information is requested from the trustees by the Auditor, then you as Trustee must provide it to your Auditor within 14 days of your Auditor’s written request.

As an SMSF auditor, it’s our role to carry out the annual financial and compliance audit of your SMSF’s operations and to provide the SMSF independent auditor’s report (NAT 11466) approved form to the trustee(s) within 28 days of receiving all relevant documentation.

A financial and compliance audit must be completed before a fund’s SMSF annual return can be lodged.

Our onboarding engagement will guide you in preparing for the audit of your SMSF. Our specialist team will help you achieve your objectives. A comprehensive and detailed report of the financial situation will be drawn up and presented to you by our experts.

In addition, we provide cryptocurrency auditing services for companies and organisations who seek to invest and obtain crypto assets.

Smart contract audit aid in examining and analysing a smart contract’s code that is utilised to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This methodology is performed to discover errors, issues, and security vulnerabilities in the code in order to suggest improvements. Due to interaction between the contracts and financial assets and/or valuable items, smart contract audits are crucial to detect any inaccuracies.

This assessment process is complex, as smart contracts often co-operate with each other. Additionally, any integrations with third-party systems can also result in making the system vulnerable. Therefore, the checks are often extended to other smart contracts involved in any interactions. This approach often involves both running tests and manual code analysis.

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