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Auditors Canberra - Kingston & Knight Audit

Kingston & Knight Audit are the leading Canberra based auditors and assurance experts. Kingston & Knight Audit conducts all assurance services and audit engagements in strict accordance with the standards, ensuring ownership, management, and other stakeholders can trust our findings when making important decisions.

Financial information and assertions that are independently tested and verified by an approved external auditor is the key to increasing the value of your business, and the confidence of its stakeholders in the ability to respond to key operational and environmental risks. Without access to financial information that is free of material misstatements or omitted details, the decision-making process is hindered for management and investors alike. To take your business, organisation, or enterprise to the next level, or simply to preserve the integrity of your financial position, reliable auditing services from experienced Canberra auditors are a must.

We deliver risk-based assessments of your financial position, focusing on areas of concern or particular importance to the client. As an assurance measure, our audit services enable investors, management, and key stakeholders to make important decisions backed by a high degree of certainty. We remind our clients that seeking assistance from our Canberra auditors is the absolute best step you can take toward assurance; especially if you have any doubt with regard to the information contained in your financial statements or reports.

Our Canberra Auditors Provide:

  • Regulatory and compliance audit services
  • SMSF audit services
  • Internal audit services – risk review, management audit etc.
  • Tailored audit and assurance services
  • Audit of financial statements – financial reports audit
  • Investigative audit services, forensic audit services and litigation support
  • Trust audit services