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Auditors Melbourne

Kingston & Knight Auditors Melbourne take your requirement for independent audit and assurance services and develop it into insight, which is very important if you seek to make an impact in today’s trust-scarce, information-driven market. As the digital revolution continues to unfold and affect business practices, often in unforeseen ways, we must remember that the fundamentals of doing business will never change. To gain the confidence of investors, consumers, regulators, and other stakeholders, you need to give them information that provides a fair presentation by assuring completeness and accuracy.

By law, company financial statements and some other disclosures must be subject to an independent audit each year. It is important to remember that audit services can do far more than assure compliance with laws and regulations, they can create the insight your company needs to turn bring a vision into reality. Utilise your audit to its full potential by going beyond the basics of your financial reporting. The documentation and information you provide to your appointed auditor as part of the engagement will enable them to identify areas of your organisation that can be improved, highlighting present risks as well as future challenges for you to address.

Kingston & Knight Audit conducts your audit using standardised audit procedures in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards and Standards on Assurance Engagements. Ensure that your audit complies with the standards, and can be aligned with new standards as required, whilst delivering valuable insights. Contact the auditors Melbourne at Kingston & Knight Audit to learn more about us, and what we can do for you.

Audit and Assurance

Audit and assurance services have long been a critical component of our financial system, giving stakeholders the ability to make decisions based on the opinion and advice of an independent professional. Kingston & Knight Audit provide audit services which deliver assurance to investors, regulators, and other stakeholders in your company, organisation, or entity. Our services create the confidence needed to take your business to the next stage, and do so with an eye on today’s challenges as well as future risks.

Our audit and assurance services give insight into the following elements critical to the success of any company:

  • The presentation of information in your disclosures and financial statements, whether the information is presented fairly, and / or any issues identified in the presentation of information in the relevant materials;
  • Internal control systems, including management processes, assurance of the effectiveness of which is key to stakeholder confidence and decision-making;
  • Complex laws and regulations affect your company, and compliance with these regulations is vital to obtaining the confidence of stakeholders. A Kingston & Knight Audit compliance audit can deliver assurance on regulatory compliance, and can identify issues that may have gone unnoticed.

Financial Audit

The financial audit is critical to obtaining and developing confidence in the financial activities of your organisation as well as our financial system more broadly. Financial audit requirements ensure that investors have the confidence to support your company, and that your company can demonstrate good corporate citizenship as a member of the Australian community. When you choose our Melbourne auditors, you are guaranteed services that accommodate the unique circumstances and position of your business, its industry, and developments in the relevant regulatory framework. This helps us to complete your financial audit to the highest standard, providing not only compliance and assurance, but deeper insight into your own financial and regulatory position.

Kingston & Knight Audit conduct your financial audit using methodology that is uniform, standardized, and transparent, in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards. Your financial audit is more than an assurance measure. Our Melbourne auditors conduct your financial audit with the consistency and quality that enables them to provide useful insights into your organisation, information that you can rely upon when making important decisions.

External Audit

Engaging Kingston & Knight Audit to carry out an external audit on your organisation or entity is the best way to improve your key quality, performance, and management outcomes. Our external audit services are tailored to the requirements of the client, and delivered in accordance with your circumstances. Some ways in which our auditors Melbourne can assist you by conducting an external audit include:

  • Auditing of internal systems, processes, and practices in relation to standardised measures of performance, providing valuable insight into your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • Audit of specific processes, systems, or practices through the systematic and transparent analysis of objective information. In situations where there is a need for assurance that is free of opinion or influence from an organisation’s management or other stakeholders, an external audit is the solution.

Audit Melbourne

Kingston & Knight Audit Melbourne services enable you to deliver the assurance that stakeholders and regulators require to develop confidence in your organisation. Our financial audit services assess the transparency of information disclosed in your financial statements, delivering assurance and insight into your financial position whilst ensuring that you comply with reporting obligations. Our internal audit and compliance audit services assess the processes and controls that enable your entity to operate in compliance with laws and regulations, providing insightful recommendations that enable you to operate freely without fear of breaching the law.

We are approved, independent, and professional auditors Melbourne clients can rely on to serve your unique vision, position, and circumstances with our independent audit services. Allow us to take your financial audit, compliance audit, or external audit and assurance requirements and turn them into the insights that will carry your organisation through its future challenges. Contact Kingston & Knight Audit Melbourne on (03) 9863 9779, or email us via for more information about our services as auditors Melbourne.