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Audit and Assurance

Kingston & Knight Audit provide a professional audit and assurance capability in accordance with best-practice, and to the requirements of the Australian Auditing Standards and Standards on Assurance Engagements. We provide assurance on the content of financial statements, performance, efficiency, and compliance for business, commercial, and corporate clients in Melbourne.
This page outlines the general nature of Kingston & Knight Audit’s audit and assurance services, with a summary given below.
Applications of our audit and assurance services:

  • accuracy of financial statements, performance statements, and other reporting information, forming an opinion on the fair presentation of these statements with respect to more detailed evidence and supporting documentation;
  • effectiveness and efficiency of internal systems, management, and practices, how these can be improved in-light of the available evidence;
  • financial prudence and productivity within an organisation
  • compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements
  • resource management systems and processes
  • Audit and assurance services are not able to judge merits of a client organisation’s objectives or goals, or enforce recommendations. We may not be able to provide absolute assurance regarding the truth of information provided or requested by the client, as this would require complete and absolute evidence to be obtained, tested, and documented.
    With a focus on communication, service, and competitive-prices, Kingston & Knight Audit provide registered, approved audit services as qualified audit and assurance professionals in Melbourne.


    Kingston & Knight Audit deliver independent audit services on a strictly best-practice basis, with an emphasis on communication and honesty. We understand that for company, organisation, or entity, audit services are the key to obtaining the confidence required to succeed under the 24/7 financial and corporate scrutiny you operate under. A free telephone consultation with our Melbourne auditors is available to discuss your circumstances and requirements, ensuring that we can plan for and deliver the services you need in the timeframe you are operating in.
    An appointed auditor seeks to determine whether financial statements, performance statements, or other relevant documentation provide a true and fair view of the relevant concern. Additionally, an audit might be conducted to ascertain the structure and function of an organisation or entity’s control mechanisms and reporting practices, with respect to the relevant laws and regulations. Many companies and organisations require an audit of financial statements or other financial audit, whilst others may need non-financial information assurance. As audit and assurance professionals, we guarantee that your independent audit requirements will be met when you choose Kingston & Knight Audit, leaders in independent audit services in Melbourne.

    Audit Process

    The audit process involves systematic examination of information and statutory records by a qualified, independent appointed auditor. To register as a company auditor, SMSF auditor, or other approved auditor, an audit firm and its members must adhere to standards of independence, report all relevant audit findings according to prescribed standards, and uphold a stringent professional and ethical code of conduct. This ensures that the audit process is standardised to the point that an auditor’s report, the document that contains the auditor’s findings, opinion, and conclusions, should be easily accessible to someone with no knowledge or experience with the entity under audit.
    Audits are performed to determine whether financial statements, performance statements, or other relevant documentation provide a true and fair view of the relevant concern. Additionally, an audit might be conducted to ascertain the structure and function of an organisation or entity’s control mechanisms, and reporting practices, with respect to the relevant laws and regulations. For more detailed information about the audit process as it relates to your needs, contact Kingston & Knight Audit for your free telephone consultation.

    Auditing Standards

    Strict auditing standards affect all audit and assurance engagements here in Australia. These standards include laws and regulations that set out auditor responsibilities, including how an auditor conducts themselves professionally and performs services for other organisations or entities. Auditing standards are overseen at the national level by the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, a government body that publishes auditing standards, FAQs and explanatory guides, and bulletins that raise awareness of important developments affecting audit and assurance engagements across Australia.
    Auditing standards are lengthy, detailed, and complex for those without professional knowledge and experience in audit and assurance engagements. Therefore, a list of approved auditors, those that have demonstrated professional competency and compliance with the standards, is published by peak bodies and regulators. Before engaging audit and assurance services you can check the name of your appointed auditor to make sure that they appear on these lists. This enables all stakeholders to rely on the findings of an appointed, approved auditor for obtaining assurance on matters relevant to decision-making. Our services deliver findings which can be relied upon when making important decisions, Kingston & Knight Audit is proud to comply with the Australian Auditing Standards and the Australian Standards on Assurance Engagements.

    Auditors Melbourne

    Kingston & Knight Audit are the auditors Melbourne organisations and entities can trust to deliver accuracy, completeness, and a fair presentation of information in disclosures and financial statements. Our audit and assurance services are a vital part of building confidence in your organisation, as well as our financial system more broadly. For approved auditors Melbourne companies can trust to help meet investors’ expectations and reliably inform all stakeholders, our team provides a professional and transparent assurance capability that is competitively priced. The economy of today is reliant on the ability to monitor and communicate information in real time, leading to quick decisions that search for instant results. Investor scepticism and growing scrutiny of corporate information mean that your new company requires a professional, independent audit and assurance capability if it is going to succeed.

    We deliver audit services with consistency, quality, and independence as the foundation of our practice. This means that Kingston & Knight Audit assists in assuring compliance with your reporting obligations, but also identifies issues in management or internal control, offering insight into unique risks and future challenges facing your organisation. To learn more about how Kingston & Knight Audit can meet your audit and assurance needs, contact our auditors Melbourne by phone on 1800 283 471  or email at