Kingston & Knight Audit delivers an independent audit and assurance capability that accounts for your unique circumstances and position. Audits are vital to building confidence in your organisation or entity, and its operations, by allowing stakeholders to access an independent, expert opinion on statements and disclosures.

Our audit services are conducted in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards and Standards on Assurance Engagements. This framework ensures that the audit process is transparent, rigorous, and that findings or opinions can be interpreted by parties with no prior knowledge of the entity. The auditors who make up our team at Kingston & Knight Audit have developed as professionals with extensive experience in accounting and financial forensics who now deliver independent assurance services of the highest quality and reliability.

We provide audit services that enable you to demonstrate compliance with the laws and regulations affecting your entity, as well as delivering valuable insights that will help to shape your vision and outlook moving forward. For example, when we complete your financial audit, we deliver much more than an opinion on the representations made in your financial statements. Your financial statements and other documentation examined by the appointed auditor will be thoroughly tested, with all findings documented, assisting your entity to make year-on-year improvements.

Financial Audit

Financial audit services are what enable financial markets and our broader economy to operate with stability and continuity. A financial audit is a systematic investigation, by an approved independent auditor, of the financial reporting and accounting practices of the entity under audit. The Australian Auditing Standards and Standards on Review Engagements govern the audit and review of financial statements for Australian entities.

Australian laws and regulations require public companies to have an ASIC-approved independent auditor conduct an audit of the yearly financial statements. This requirement also applies to some other entities, but the audit of financial statements for listed companies is the best example of what financial audit services are used for. The audit of financial statements is a core service at Kingston & Knight Audit, and due to our 20 + years’ experience in accounting and finance, we understand the importance of the financial audit process both from your perspective as a listed company, and according to our obligations as independent assurance professionals.

We offer your company, organisation, or entity the independent audit of financial statements required to meet your obligations, whilst providing you with far more than a tick on a regulatory box. The experience of our Melbourne auditors in delivering financial accounting and investigative audit services enable us to ensure that your financial statements are tested rigorously, thoroughly, and in accordance with best-practice. Any missing links will be documented, any areas of ambiguity or claims that cannot be verified will be noted and explored in relation to the objective evidence that is reasonably available. This is our role as financial audit experts, and it ensures that your final auditor’s report includes the insights you need to strengthen your reporting processes in the future.

Internal Audit

Unlike financial audit services, internal audit services are often sought not simply as an act of compliance with laws and regulations but to provide the entity with an independent, critical opinion on the processes and systems which define its internal functions, management and control processes.

Internal audit services are required in cases where the entity’s ownership, senior management, or other stakeholders require assurance on information that documents the entity’s performance, internal control structure, operational / organisational efficiency, and risk assessment / risk management practices. In some organisations, for example, conflicting interests between departments or members of management staff can make it difficult for senior management, owners, or other stakeholders to get an unbiased view of the entity’s internal processes and performance.

For the purposes of standards, practices, and processes, internal audit services examining the entity’s internal control structures and management processes are classed as non-financial assurance engagements. Choosing Kingston & Knight Audit to conduct your internal audit ensures that you receive an assurance service that complies with the Standards on Assurance Engagements.

Auditors Melbourne

Kingston & Knight Auditors Melbourne ensure that your audit and assurance needs are met with independent, rigorous, and transparent audit services. Whether you are a listed company that require a yearly audit of financial statements as part of your reporting obligations, a large organisation that requires insights into its own inner workings gained through an internal audit, or a small / medium entity requiring, for example, a trust account audit or SMSF audit, Kingston & Knight Audit have what it takes to exceed your expectations and deliver valuable assurance where it is needed most. This is what we do as auditors Melbourne entities can trust to deliver reliable, independent audit and assurance services.

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